City hall with glockenspiel tower in Passau, Germany.

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#drawnwhile riding the subway. #drawnwithoutlooking

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Working on flocks chapter 4

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Decided to try and color a page from a previous Jumbly Junkery issue. Am thinking it might be fun to make some prints of this one day.

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Finished this new #painting !! #art #abstractart #contemporaryart #acrylic #pastel

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I’m in this!


The lovely paperback edition of QU33R is finally shipping from the printers either today (12/10) or Wednesday. So it won’t be long now before Zan Christensen of Northwest Press begins getting them out to Kickstarter backers and other pre-purchasers, bookstores, contributors, and the rest of the world. The HARDCOVER version (Yay, a hardcover version) won’t be done until Dec 18th, but will be worth the wait, yes? Anyone who backed the KS at $50 or more automatically gets this extra-deluxe version!

Thanks again to all who supported this big, huge, throbbing project. It won’t be much longer now.

Happy holidays! 


PS: Zan informed me that he just got the numbers back from Diamond distribution and it looks like QU33R has the best sales debut numbers of any Northwest Press titles to date. So that augurs well for both the book and its publisher. 

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It’s nice to see someone saying good things about one of my favorite things I’ve made. Especially since that person usually hates everything :)

Get a copy here if you don’t already have one!


The Perfect Human by L Nichols (2013): This was L’s entry in that Comics Workbook 8 panel grid contest. She only got an honorable mention for it, which is a crime, cause this was one of the (if not THE) best entries. It’s also my favorite thing I’ve seen from L, perhaps it aided her comics…

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Working on the next issue of Free People

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I’ll be at the Red Hook Holiday Maker Market from 12-8 today. 63 Commerce Street, Brooklyn. Come say hi!

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Tiny drawings. #drawnwithoutlooking

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Tiny drawings. #drawnwithoutlooking

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A new painting. Will have this and more at the Red Hook Maker Market at 63 Commerce St 12-8pm this Saturday, Dec 7

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For only $1 you can enjoy a 20 page glitch poem comic. Glitch images. Glitch text. Best viewed as full screen pdf spreads.

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Until 9am tomorrow morning, (Eastern Standard Time)! 


Comics from:

  • L. Nichols
  • Darryl Ayo
  • Aaron Cockle
  • Simon Moreton
  • Warren Craghead
  • Derik Badman

PS AN ALL NEW FLOCKS GIFT PACK - 3 chapters of Flocks + a limited edition She-Ra print.

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Cheers. Day 30 of #30dayscomics

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