A couple more small #drawings

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Quick little #drawings. Mostly blind contour plus some embellishment.

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I made a belt out of a bicycle tire and some old chain links.

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Whit's Thursday Review: 'QU33R' [Edited by Rob Kirby]

Another review of QU33R!

Again, I am so happy to be part of this anthology. I really think it came out wonderfully.



Let’s be honest. Reviewing an anthology is hard. Why? Because you are judging it on two levels: that of the individual stories and that of the editing. What do I mean by this? Well, one deals with evaluating each story on its own merit. When reviewing an anthology it’s near impossible to…

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Working on a comic.

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The latest issue of Flocks is here!

Get ‘em at Bergen Street Comics!!

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» Kirby, Rob (editor) – QU33R Optical Sloth

Here’s a review of the QU33R anthology I’m in along with 32 other amazing people. Check it out!


Great review of my new anthology QU33R from good ol’ Kevin Bramer of Optical Sloth (he’s friend to indie-alt-comics artists everywhere). Favorite quote (after running through a list of things he liked):

That’s right, I somehow didn’t mention Howard Cruse (who’s been at this for decades and who at least partially started gay comics in general), Craig Bostick, L. Nichols or Rob Kirby, all favorites of mine. So that should tell you the level of quality you’re going to be getting here, right?” 

(via robkirbycomics)

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Made the front cover for #30dayscomics so I can print up some copies :)

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Got my contributor copies of QU33R! They look fantastic! Excited to be a part of this.

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The royal palace in Budapest. It’s on the top of a hill on the Buda side of the city.

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Details from the chain bridge in Budapest.

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UFO bridge in Bratislava. The thing that looks like a UFO is a restaurant where you can see the whole city.

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Every city I went to on this trip had a monument to the Black Plague. This is a detail from the one in Vienna.

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At the top of a hill in Passau was this place called the Veste Oberhaus. Leading up the hill was a stone wall/rampart.

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City hall with glockenspiel tower in Passau, Germany.

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