Some late night doodling in my large moleskine. #moleskine #drawing #art #sketchbook

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Got my Vigenère Cipher working in Python! Took me quite a few errors to figure out….

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Another comic I drew while I was at RIPE

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Fantastic line up in this one

(via honeybeerevengeparty)

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Managed to finish writing a Python script to do a key cipher for me. Much easier than doing this by hand! Next up is the Vigenère Cipher. And then… some combos. Gonna use this for some art projects in the future.

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FLOCKS: Chapter 4 is going to debut at SPX this year! Table B10

It’s still a little up in the air whether or not I’m personally going (because of impending arrival of a baby), but my book will be there regardless.

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@wcraghead finished that comic for you.

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Drew this comic while I was at RIPE a few weeks back.

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I drew Christina with my left hand. She’s due Sept 2! But she thinks it will be early.

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Hanging art for a show tonight! #art #brooklyn #prints (at The Paper Box)

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New crop. A comic for @chriches #comics #moleskine #art #drawing

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An idea I want to flesh out more. Imagining this as a word in an overgrown forest where the drop shadow also is growing things. #type #lettering

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Bacteria comics. #comics #art #bacteria #petridish

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A new painting, finished yesterday. 12”x16”. #painting #mixedmedia #art #collage #comics #contemporaryart

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Hiking comics. #hiking #comics #drawing

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