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John Hankiewicz

Simone Kearney

Simon Moreton - smoo

L. Nichols - wormulus

Alexander Rothman - versequential

Bianca Stone - biancastone

Gary Sullivan

Paul K. Tunis - sentientkombucha

You’ll like it, trust me. When have I ever lied to you? Bring it up in a comment.


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*injector supply limited to none, sorry that was the first lie though.

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Working on Flocks while sitting at my table at MoCCA. Table D3!

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Crimson Beebalm - Monarda Didyma

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#drawing in my #moleskine while at The Outpost today and watching netflix last night. #doodle #sketchbook

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A #drawing I did over the weekend at my wife’s choir concert. #moleskine #doodle #sketchbook

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Guess what just came in the mail today?! Now I just have to collate, staple, and maybe trim. #30dayscomics

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Crimson beebalm. #watercolor #wildflower #flowers #painting #moleskine

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Dwarf crested iris. #watercolor #painting #wildflower #flowers #moleskine

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I’m at JHU Comic Books tonight until 8pm for the QU33R anthology signing. This is Jen Camper and Sasha Steinberg talking with some visitors.

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Pink Lady’s Slipper orchid. #watercolor #painting #moleskine

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Another little baby sweater I crocheted.

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A sweater vest I crocheted.

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A baby sweater I crocheted.

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More great reviews of the QU33R anthology I’m in! Hooray!

For those of you in NYC, I will be signing at JHU Comic Books (32 East 32nd Street) from 6-8pm THIS FRIDAY. Come say hi! Also, I will have copies of Flocks with me if you’re interested :) :) :)


Here’s a swell new review of QU33R from Broken Frontier: “consistently excellent” & “Dazzling.” I like hearing these descriptive words about my anthologies. Have you gotten your copy yet? (Above: an excerpt from L. Nichols' story, “Confession”)

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Quick doodle

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